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 protect Frontline workers

by sending them masks

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Support by donating funds to purchase personal protective equipment for a local healthcare facility ​​


Purchase personal protective equipment for your employees,

  MaskGrant donates masks to a healthcare facility

2 Ways Your Business can save Lives...

 Why Companies should get involved? Impact

The Power Of Two Bottom Lines

Companies want to help during the global health pandemic

and struggle to figure out how?

  • We make it easy and convenient for you to protect your employees and execute your social good. In the end, doing good is good business.

  • We get the best price because we buy in large volumes and have a hub of vetted suppliers that bid for your business.

  • Your dollar goes further with us because it's our corporate social responsibility to measure impact with every purchase or tax-exempt donation!  


You make 35,000 decisions a day; let's make this one an easy one! 

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Hospitals & healthcare workers

feel the financial burn…

According to the Department of Health and Human Services; National Pulse Survey:

Widespread Shortages of PPE Critical Supplies, and Logistic Support


One hospital stated that before COVID-19, the hospital’s medical center used around 200 masks per day and that it was now using 2,000 per day. 


86% of US hospitals and health systems are concerned about their supply of PPE and face masks, according to the Premier survey

Increased Costs and Decreased Revenue


Hospitals explained that their costs have increased as they prepare for a potential surge of patients by purchasing extra equipment (such as PPE and ventilators), remodeling rooms for negative pressure, or setting up drive-through clinics and tents. 


One administrator explained that having cash on hand was becoming an urgent issue with the specialty clinic volume down 80 percent, primary care volume down 50 percent, and cancellation of all elective surgeries. 

source: Full report: https://oig.hhs.gov/oei/reports/oei-06-20-00300.pdf


Save Lives Through Our #1MillionMasksChallenge!

MaskGrant will give away 1 million masks to

healthcare workers with your help.

We help you amplify your social good efforts for both your employees and frontline workers of the global health crisis.

Corporate leaders, join us and take the pledge.

Learn how we got started.



Tag a healthcare worker. We want to tell the stories of the brave people who are on the frontlines. We will feature them on our page!

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